Cloud Case Study: Tapjoy


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Prioritizing Big Data Agility and Scalability

Running Tapjoy’s mobile ad platform on Cisco Metapod™ boosts algorithm performance and real-time content delivery.


Tapjoy’s global monthly reach consists of more than 500 million mobile users and billions of requests. The company needed an environment that would help them accelerate the development and improve the performance of their big data algorithms.

Tapjoy wanted to:

  • Enhance learning experiences with technology
  • Upgrade its wireless infrastructure to handle heavy loads
  • Build an infrastructure that would last for years


  • Accelerated product development with private cloud


  • Realized savings of up to five times over cost of old deployments
  • Optimized platform for redundancy, flexibility, and predictability
Our big thing was that we wanted someone we could continue working with after the deployment happened.
- Wes Jossey
DevOps Manager, Tapjoy