Application Centric Infrastructure Case Study: AVIT


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Keeping Europe's Hotels Moving

AVIT Systems, a Netherlands-based IT service provider with 50 staff members, improved operations as the first Cisco partner to implement Cisco ACI.


  • Redesign the AVIT Hotel Cloud Connected Solution to more easily and efficiently onboard new customers
  • Provide highly secure multi-tenancy for hotel client applications
  • Reduce risk and increase reliability
  • Improve quality of service for customers


  • Automation makes it easier to manage security policy in a live environment.
  • It's now simple to scale up and add new customers/services.
  • The company can deliver 24-hour, multi-tenant cloud services while retaining complete network separation between clients.
We're completely sold on the Cisco ACI strategy. The payoff is less need for engineering …and better performing cloud services for our customers.
- Jasper van't Wout,
Director Services, AVIT