Operational Agility is the New Imperative

Digital transformation can vastly improve an organization’s agility as they adapt to changing business and customer needs. Learn how in our four-part commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Accelerating Digital Agility to Move at the Pace of Business

For today’s extended, hybrid enterprise, automation and agility are key. A strong data and technology foundation can help you adapt to complexity faster. View our webinar and get the latest Forrester research to learn how.

Forrester Consulting Report Installments

Learn how to evaluate your organization’s operational maturity and start your journey toward increased IT agility.

Automation + operational maturity = major business benefits

Automating processes leads to better customer experiences, improved employee productivity, decreased costs, and increased revenue. Where do you stand? Get important recommendations to evolve your IT operations.

Automation is not without challenges, but they can be overcome

Automation challenges vary by organization and operation maturity level. However, according to our research, the top technical issues everyone struggles with are tool integration, data silos, and outdated technologies.

Operational maturity is critical to business success

Operationally mature organizations can capitalize on emerging opportunities because they have the right data and technology foundation in place—a distinct advantage when it comes to digital transformation. Find out what sets leaders apart.

Modernize operations to digitally transform and weather any storm

Operational agility is crucial for adapting to evolving needs. 80% of IT and operations leaders report that their business processes need to become more agile. Improving data resilience and quality are their top two priorities.