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HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) At-a-Glance

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Updated:November 30, 2020

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Updated:November 30, 2020


A foundation for healthcare technology maturation

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly as increased connectivity improves efficiencies and innovation drives better outcomes across the board. It’s now time to take a step back from the possibilities of information technology integration and make sure your hospital’s entire information infrastructure can actually scale and meet your business objectives.

The HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) helps healthcare leaders assess and map the technology infrastructure capabilities required to reach their strategic and clinical business goals — and meet international benchmarks and standards. The INFRAM is an international, eight-stage (0-7) model for assessing infrastructure adoption and capabilities maturity. By utilizing the INFRAM, healthcare providers can help improve care delivery, reduce cyber and infrastructure risk, and create a pathway for infrastructure development tied to business and clinical outcomes.

Architectural domains and capabilities

      Transport: Software-defined network across hospital campus

      Mobility: High-availability wireless with services supporting data, voice, video, location, and beyond

      Collaboration: Secure, reliable video, voice, and text – enabling better clinical communications

      Security: Intelligent automation – enforcing policies for network access and device management

      Data Center: On-premise, enterprise-wide hybrid cloud application and automation

The INFRAM process

The INFRAM starts with an online, survey-based assessment of your hospital’s information infrastructure. The questions are related to the presence or absence of the technology capabilities and services required to support the desired experiences.

After completing the assessment, the Baseline Achievement Report is provided almost immediately from HIMSS Analytics. This report gives a high-level view of the technology stages achieved. As an additional step, your organization can request the more detailed Gap Assessment report, which provides maturity levels at a subdomain, domain, and whole of organization level. It includes a traceability matrix that enables your organization to track which answers resulted in the adoption stage received.

Using this information, you can map a pathway for infrastructure technology investment to reach desired information system adoption stage.

Cisco, a HIMSS Analytics Certified Organization

Installing new technologies and implementing new information processes in your organization is not always an easy task. To guide organizations along the way, the HIMSS Analytics INFRAM Certified organizations have been professionally trained on the INFRAM. These organizations are able to effectively provide education and guidance as you progress through the maturity model stages.

As a HIMSS Analytics Certified organization for INFRAM, Cisco can help:

      Provide guidance throughout the INFRAM assessment process

      Work through a stage 1 - 7 gap analysis to identify key areas for infrastructure optimization

      Develop a strategic roadmap for your IT infrastructure to help you achieve clinical and operational goals

      Prepare you for HIMSS Analytics validation


Consulting Services

Take the next step

Assess: Get benchmarking data to see where you stand compared to other healthcare organizations

Evaluate: Identify and define the capabilities of separate infrastructure domains - Transport, Mobility, Collaboration, Security, and Data Center - and understand how they work together

Plan: Develop a detailed, strategic technology plan that defines the current state, desired future state, and each stage in between to achieve clinical and operational goals

Act: Gain the evidence needed to create compelling business cases for investment that link stakeholder experiences, outcomes, and technology

Learn more

Contact Cisco at infram@cisco.com and visit www.himssanalytics.org/infram.



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