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Cisco Remote Workforce Network Solution Overview

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Updated:August 18, 2020

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Updated:August 18, 2020


Extend secure enterprise network connectivity to your remote workers at home and at micro-offices.


Today’s workforce is no longer bound to a primary workplace. Where people work, or their workspace, has shifted from desks in office buildings to make-shift offices at home.

Today’s workforce

The idea of business has been redefined. This short-term change may, in fact, be the new normal. But what comes after that? What’s the next normal? And then, what comes after that? The network plays a critical role in being prepared to embrace the ever-changing reality of the future remote workspace.

Your remote workers are entitled to the same level of security, performance, policies, and ultimately, the same experience as they have in a corporate office. How do you balance business resiliency and your remote workers’ experience?


Centralized orchestration: Provisioning, management, and troubleshooting

Comprehensive security: Cisco Umbrella cloud security and threat protection

Enhanced experience: Application path/WAN optimization

Connection high availability: LTE Advanced Pro (5G-ready)

Seamless onboarding: Plug-and-Play and BYOD support

Advanced assurance: Data-driven (AI/ML) analytics


What are remote workforce challenges?

The pitfalls of current solutions

For employees

For IT administrators

For specialists and micro-offices

Traditional access to the corporate network from remote locations could be a challenging and arduous process. You can only connect your enterprise devices one by one and often not be able to use any personal ones, such as tablets or mobile devices.

Can remote employees gain the same level of security they get within a corporate environment?

Provisioning, managing, and monitoring of distributed locations remotely from a single pane of glass is one of the biggest challenges for IT administrators. They are also unable to deploy the consistent corporate policy for remote workforces.

How much visibility do IT administrators have into inbound and outbound traffics of remote workforces?

Whether you are a teleworking financial analyst or a telemedicine doctor working from home or a micro-office, you can’t afford to lose network connectivity. You also need enterprise-grade end-to-end segmentation and protection against advanced threats.

How about ensuring an enhanced experience while getting direct cloud application access?

Cisco Remote Workforce Network solutions

Work from home or a micro-office with your extended secure enterprise network.

Cisco® Remote Workforce Network solutions are fundamental to the next level of workspaces and to future business resiliency. These solutions extend enterprise network connectivity to remote workforces at home and at micro-offices at scale. Going beyond traditional VPN connectivity, Remote Workforce Network solutions extend corporate policies and security to home offices for a seamless corporate experience to remote employees and IT administrations.

With Remote Workforce Network solutions, remote workforces have the same level of application experience and security as they have in a corporate office. And IT administrators can provision, manage, and deploy consistent policies across all distributed home offices and micro-offices remotely and securely via a centralized orchestration tool. Advanced network assurance can proactively monitor remote network health and assure service quality of critical business applications as well as voice and video communications. It can also provide real-time advice with a focus on maintaining availability and suggest remediation steps.

Cisco offers two enterprise-ready Cisco Remote Workforce solutions: one with Cisco wireless access points and one with a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR).

Cisco Remote Workforce Wireless solution

Secure corporate wireless and wired connectivity at home.

With plug-and-play Cisco wireless1 access points, including Cisco Catalyst® 9105, users can connect securely to a corporate network and with enterprise-class identity-based policies, they can onboard their wired and wireless devices seamlessly, including their personal devices. They get an optimized cloud experience via direct Internet access and Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC).

Cisco TrustSec® software-defined segmentation and Cisco Umbrella DNS-layer security protect remote workers from advanced threats and detect their compromised devices. Cisco CleanAir® and Radio Resource Management (RRM) technologies for Wi-Fi 6 are spectrum intelligence solutions designed to proactively manage the challenges of a shared wireless spectrum. They identify the source, location, and scope of radio frequency interferences and can proactively guard against it.

Cisco Remote Workforce Wireless solution

Benefits of the Remote Workforce Access solution:

      Expansion of corporate network connectivity and identity-based policies at home

      Zero-touch onboarding of wired and wireless devices, including BYOD

      Cisco CleanAir and advanced RRM technologies for spectrum management and RF visibility

      Seamless application experience via an optimized data path

      Centralized provisioning and management and cloud security

1Learn more information in the Cisco Remote Workforce Network Ordering Guide.

Cisco Remote Workforce Routing solution

Advance application experience with comprehensive security.

A Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR)1 with integrated Wi-Fi delivers a zero-trust fabric with end-to-end enterprise segmentation and always-on network connectivity for remote workers.

Cisco Remote Workforce Routing solution provides an enhanced direct cloud application experience through WAN Optimization and cloud OnRamp. With its Cloud OnRamp capability, remote workers can benefit from the same levels of security and application performance in the cloud as they do with their enterprise on-premises systems. Its LTE Advanced Pro (5G-ready) solutions ensure an always-on, consistent network connectivity.

Optional advanced Umbrella cloud security (Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway) protects remote workforce against advanced threats from anywhere, anytime.

Cisco Remote Workforce Routing solution

Benefits of the Remote Workforce Routing solution:

      Zero-trust fabric and end-to-end enterprise segmentation

      High-availability network access via LTE Advanced Pro (5G-ready)

      Centralized provisioning and management, at scale

      Enhanced application experience via WAN Optimization and Cloud OnRamp

      Advanced cloud security and threat protection

1Learn more information in the Cisco Remote Workforce Network Ordering Guide.

Remote Workforce Network solutions bundles and supported hardware

When ordering a Cisco Remote Workforce Network solution, your subscription is activated through a single Cisco DNA Remote Workforce bundle package for simplicity. You can either use one of your existing network hardware or choose from a variety of discounted options for both wireless and routing.

Tables 1 and 2 outline the supported models for each solution option.

Table 1.        Remote Workforce Wireless Solution models



Wi-Fi 5 Access Points

Aironet: 1815T1, 1840I1, 1815W2, 1815I2, 28002, 38002, 48002

Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

Catalysts: 91151, 91051 (coming soon), 91202, 91302

Wireless Controllers2

3504, 5520, 8540 9800-L, 9800-40, 9800-80, 9800-CL (Private Cloud)

1 Discounted models within bundle
2 Bring your own hardware

Table 2.        Remote Workforce Routing Solution models



Cisco Integrated Services Router

C1121-8PLTEPWx2, C1111-8PLTEEAWx1, C1111-8PLTELAWx1, ISR1100-4G1, ISR1100-4GLTEGB1, ISR1100-4GLTENA1 Any SD-WAN supported ISR1000 Series

1 Offered models within bundle
2 Discounted models within bundle

Cisco Remote Workforce Network solutions

Enable remote employee and IT administrators with:

Provision new remote locations, deploy enterprise class identity-based policies, and manage distributed workforces from a centralized location.

Experience a zero-touch process of launching of network devices, including BYOD.

Get seamless, corporate-level security and application experiences from a remote workplace.

Learn more

To learn more, visit cisco.com/go/networkresilience or contact your Cisco account representative.

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