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Maximize Oracle Database Security, Resources, Productivity, and Process Flows with Cisco At a Glance

Networking Solution At-a-Glance

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Updated:August 23, 2019

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Updated:August 23, 2019

Table of Contents



Oracle Database migration addresses broader IT challenges

If Oracle Database isn’t broken, why fix it? With the launch of Oracle Database 19c, Oracle will raise support fees or even drop support for your current database version. This may expose your business to security threats, an inability to adopt new technologies, and higher costs. Add license compliance struggles, patch management, and an inability to move system resources to match business requirements, and you have a compelling reason to upgrade.

Cisco offers a wide range of infrastructures to ensure the highest performance and availability for your Oracle infrastructure, ranging from hyperconvergence with Cisco HyperFlex to converged infrastructure solutions from NetApp and Pure Storage. We enable software solutions that automatically adjust system resources to meet business changes and tools to monitor unauthorized patches, license and policy compliance, map and monitor your business processes, and help ensure their peak performance. Migration can be a headache, but Cisco can help ensure a happy future!.


Increased security: Discover out-of-policy patches, open “back doors,” and license compliance issues in real time

Process mapping: Understand the impact each database has in your IT department and help ensure optimal performance of business processes

Workload optimization: Automatically align system resources to requirements ensuring optimal performance without unnecessary “headroom”

Infrastructure choice: Leverage automated capabilities from Cisco UCS® Manager, from converged infrastructure to hyperconverged


Defer investments and improve operations with Cisco automation tools

Only Cisco offers Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM), Cisco Tetration, and AppDynamics® all of which can assist your team gain better use of system resources, increase the security of your data, and better understand your IT business process flows to help ensure peak efficiency of your IT environment.

Benefits of Cisco Workload Optimization Manager

     Automatically balance system resources to small or dynamic business requirements

     Set policy guidelines to ensure that your Oracle infrastructure has optimal resources

     Reduce infrastructure expansion costs

Benefits of Cisco Tetration

     Receive alerts regarding out-of-policy applications or patches to ensure compliance

     Detect license policy issues to help avoid the costs of failing an audit

     Gain insight into how network data flows affect your business on premises or in a public cloud

Benefits of AppDynamics®

     Monitor application and database business process flows in real time. Improve user experiences by judging how every line of code impact data center performance

     Monitor networks and servers whether on premises or in a private or public cloud, to ensure optimal system performance


Figure 1.           

Cisco® solutions for Oracle provide comprehensive management and radically simplified deployment of Cisco’s migration to Cisco UCS and HyperFlex systems.

Get more business done now

Our system solutions are designed to help you simplify deployment and accelerate data processing. By combining with Cisco software tools, you can better monitor, manage, and secure your workloads to help your business be more effective, competitive, and profitable. Contact your Cisco sales team or partner for a technical presentation or detailed solution-sizing today! Visit https://www.cisco.com/go/oracle

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