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Next-Generation Cisco Data Center for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise At-a-Glance

Networking Solution At-a-Glance

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Updated:September 20, 2019

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Updated:September 20, 2019


Businesses are at an inflection point with their SAP deployments. Relying on traditional data centers creates silos for SAP applications, inhibits the speed and flow of data across an organization, and reduces innovation and functionality. To remain competitive, businesses are looking to modernize and expand their infrastructure by upgrading from SAP R/3 to S/4HANA, transition to the cloud, or implement new SAP modules. This transition can help lay the foundation for innovation while maximizing the value of existing SAP environments.

Cisco is the only choice for deploying the complete SAP solution with infrastructure that is built in concert with SAP. This includes world-class hardware and software solutions within data centers, cloud, and products like AppDynamics®, Cisco DNA Spaces, and more. Cisco helps you maximize the value of your existing SAP investment and add valuable new cloud-native capabilities to help your business thrive now and into the future.

Cisco offers a wide range of infrastructure systems to ensure the highest performance and availability for your SAP Data Center infrastructure. These solutions range from hyperconvergence with Cisco HyperFlex to converged infrastructure solutions from NetApp, Pure Storage, and Hitachi.


     Confidently deploy SAP with Cisco Unified Computing System solutions that blend secure connectivity, programmable computing, multicloud orchestration, and cloud-based management with operational analytics for your SAP data center

     Simplify and speed SAP infrastructure deployment with a certified a range of hyperconverged and converged solutions for SAP HANA and SAP applications

     Find bottlenecks, address inefficiencies and vulnerabilities, and speed SAP application performance with Cisco Tetration and AppDynamics® for SAP

     Easily manage SAP Infrastructure with Cisco Intersight. The Cisco Intersight platform makes SAP systems management smarter and simpler. It delivers the efficiencies of AI operations for Cisco UCS®, Cisco HyperFlex, and third-party infrastructure from the SAP core data center to the edge

     Protect your assets with Cisco “security by design” architecture and reduce operational risks

“With Cisco UCS running SAP applications, everyone in the business is using SAP and there is one source of truth. We can trust our data, because it is coming through one platform in real time.” – Michael Westenberg, general manager, Technology and Performance TasNetworks.

We continue to lead in SAP performance due to the power of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family and Intel Optane DC memory. Intel Optane delivers a unique combination of a new, affordable, large-capacity tier of memory with data persistence, enabling greater SAP workload consolidation and new levels of performance and capacity across the continuum of data storage. With Optane memory, startup and restart times are reduced significantly; SAP Hana workloads, with up 6T of data, can be accessible in less than under 12 minutes.


Figure 1.           

Cisco® solutions for the SAP data center orchestrate management and performance efficiencies at the edge, in the cloud, and at the core

Defer investments and improve operations with Cisco automation tools

Only Cisco offers Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM), Tetration, and AppDynamics for SAP that can assist your team with gaining better use of system resources, increasing the security of your data, and better understanding your IT business process flows to help ensure peak efficiency.

Benefits of CWOM

     Automatically balance system resources to small or dynamic business requirements

     Set policy guidelines to ensure SAP HANA and SAP applications have optimal resources for maximum performance

     Reduce infrastructure expansion costs

Benefits of Cisco Tetration

     Reduce liability of lost information by continuously monitoring network traffic for abnormal patterns

     Reduce modernization and migration costs and risk by accurately mapping and documenting your data-center network, compute, and storage nodes

     Provide alerts to out-of-policy applications or patches to ensure compliance

     Detect license-policy issues to help avoid the cost of failing an audit

     Gain insight into how network data flows affect your business on premises or in a public cloud

Benefits of AppDynamics for SAP

     Improve revenue through maximizing uptime by detecting system issues before they become impactful

     Reduce recovery time with improved system visibility across data center silos

     Drive adoption to S/4 HANA with flow maps

Only Cisco provides this unique combination of tools to address your broader SAP data center concerns, all of which can be implemented as you refresh your SAP data center.

Get more business done now

Our system solutions are designed to help you simplify deployment and accelerate data processing. By combining with Cisco software tools, you can better monitor, manage, and secure your workloads to help your business be more effective, competitive, and profitable. Contact your Cisco sales team or partner for a technical presentation or detailed solution sizing today!

For more information, visit https://www.cisco.com/go/sap.

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