TelePresence and WebEx Working Together

Problems Solved Faster

Find out why an Italian manufacturer chooses Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms Hybrid.

Problems Solved Faster

Cisco TelePresence conferencing delivers exceptional face-to-face collaboration experiences through life-like video, audio, and content sharing. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center provides easy-to-use, highly secure web conferencing for millions of users across platforms.

By bringing together these two powerful collaboration solutions, you can create an environment where people can easily work together, from anywhere, using a wide variety of endpoints and devices, including mobile.

Extend Your Conferencing Circle to Anyone Within and Beyond Your Organization

Help enable any user with a standards-based video endpoint or WebEx Meeting Center to join your meeting. Broaden the reach of your discussions and simplify the experience for all participants. Expand your calling circle to anyone, anywhere, on any video-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Capitalize on your collaboration time with simplified scheduling and easily start meetings with a single button
  • Get rapid return on WebEx and telepresence investments, and extend web collaboration to thousands of users worldwide

Easily Schedule and Attend Meetings

To schedule a meeting, an organizer can use the familiar capability of Microsoft Outlook for Windows, supported by the WebEx Productivity Tools plug-in or Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS). The host simply selects the participants, adds the preferred telepresence endpoints, and includes the WebEx information.

All participants receive one meeting invitation with all the information about how to join through telepresence or WebEx. When it's time to start the meeting, the telepresence participants can join by pushing a single button.

  • Highly secure two-way video sharing with up to HD 720p screen resolution between the WebEx Meeting Center and standards-based video endpoints
  • Integrated audio and data sharing, including application and desktop content sharing among all users in a meeting
  • Improved integrated conference scheduling through a single interface.

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