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Land Top Talent

Recruiting made better

Webex Teams makes your hiring process easier and faster than ever.

Human resources are a top cost to a business

You want to land the best talent, but hiring doesn’t come cheap. Advertising and travel costs add up quickly.

Timing is crucial

Don’t let your recruitment cycles drag. The faster you offer the more likely you’ll get your top candidate.

Diversity is key

Geography shouldn’t limit your talent options. Attract and hire the best from anywhere in the world.

What if technology could help?

Staying connected with your hiring team, recruiters, and candidates has never been easier

  • Sync up your recruiting team in advance. Stay on the same page throughout the hiring process.
  • Keep a record of all conversations and documents shared with your recruiters.
  • Interview digitally to save on travel costs. Make a human connection over HD video.
  • Meet with your whole hiring team on the fly to make decisions quickly.
  • Send offers and paperwork to candidates in a space that you can trust is secure.

Interview over video

Expand your applicant pool by interviewing people anywhere on Webex Meetings.

Have a life-like experience

With top video quality, save on travel costs and feel like you’re in person.

Keep the conversation going

Interview, answer questions, and share offers all in one secure place.