Collaboration Case Study: Genuine Health


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Natural Health Company Connects Employees, Reduces Travel

Genuine Health offers health products that improve nutrition and wellness. Its 60 employees are often mobile or work from home, spending long periods away from their desks.


  • Give employees more collaboration options and increased workplace flexibility
  • Provide the best possible customer service
  • Limit business travel to minimize impact on people, profits, and planet


The Cisco solution is simple to manage and easily scalable and provides business-grade voice and video.


  • Enabled greater employee productivity and better work/life balance
  • Expanded customer service options
  • Minimized travel costs and environmental footprint
We now have the tools to truly align our business communications with our values of promoting excellent customer service and environmental sustainability, while enhancing employee work experiences.
- Sandro Ragogna,
Director of Finance and IT, Genuine Health