Collaboration User Persona: Executive

Make It Easier for Executives to Lead the Way

Executives are expected to be everywhere at once and see every corner of the business. Research from Economist Intelligence Unit shows that, among business leaders:

Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • 53 percent strongly agree that video promotes more productive professional relationships
  • 45 percent strongly agree that video saves time
  • 35 percent agree that video saves money

Today, being effective requires the ability to perform the same tasks and access the same tools, people, and information whether you're in your office, en route to an industry event, or actually sitting still on the couch.

Executives need to show consistency in words and actions, communicate often, and align business practices and behaviors.

People in executive roles:

  • Spend the majority of the work day in meetings, from large meetings to 1:1 discussions
  • Use time between meetings reviewing content (compared to creating it)
  • Prefer video to voice-only conferencing when not meeting in person
  • Use multiple devices throughout the workday
  • Often start the day with conference calls on a smartphone while commuting

People in executive roles need to:

  • Be accessible from any location
  • Have the same collaboration functionality regardless of location or device
  • Easily share information with teams to support clarity, transparency, and trust

Collaboration Use Cases

Explore how collaboration technology can help executives lead the way.

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