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Webex: The secure, smart, and scalable way to get work done

Why Cisco Webex?

Millions of Connections. One secure network.

There is no reason to compromise between simplicity and security. Learn more about end-to-end encryption from Webex.

Head-to-head, the difference is clear

You don’t often get the opportunity to actually see the difference between products. But when it comes to Webex Meetings, the superiority of our technology is right in front of your eyes. 

Cisco Webex vs. Zoom

See how Cisco Webex stacks up against the competition.*



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Market leaderWebex Calling is the market leading cloud calling option, with 57% market share globally, trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500 and used by 25 out of the top 30 Global Service Providers.Zoom’s attempt at an enterprise phone system offering, Zoom Phone, is new to market, and available strictly as an add-on to its core Meetings solution.
FedRAMP Certified Cloud Calling OfferCisco’s HCS-G offer is a FedRAMP Certified Cloud Calling Offer. At this time, Zoom Phone is not FedRamp certified.
Unified Communications and Collaboration ReportCisco rated the #1 Overall Vendor.
Highest overall rating in both performance and strategy (14 vendors evaluated).
Zoom Phone was not ranked.


Integrated devicesThe broad Webex Device portfolio includes phones, headsets, video end points and ideation touch screens that are designed to work seamlessly with Webex Meetings. This integration provides ease of deployment and management at scale. Zoom is product agnostic and unable to offer an integrated experience as their Zoom Rooms are composed of third-party devices & components (multi-vendor hardware elements, wires, and software). This requires multiple touchpoints for deployment and management – making Zoom Rooms difficult to use and maintain at scale.
Cognitive collaborationContext and intelligence woven throughout with People Insights, Webex Assistant, facial recognition, noise detection and suppression, device proximity pairing and speaker tracking. Limited AL/ML capabilities mostly provided by third-party integrations, devices, or components with discrete and different user experiences.
Meeting options and capacityWebex Meetings - 1,000
Webex Events - 3,000
Webex Training - 1,000
Webex Webcasting - 40,000
Plus optional white glove services available.
Zoom Meetings - 1,000
Zoom Video Webinar - 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees
Joining meetingsA ubiquitous joining experience from any device or app. Simply push the ‘green button’ to join from mobile, desktop, phone, or video device.A variety of ways to join depending upon which device you join from. One button to press requires a middleware set-up.
WhiteboardingWebex offers a native in-meeting whiteboard experience from any device for any participant to whiteboard, or simply see what is being shared in a meeting. The whiteboard is shared in a Webex Teams space persistently (live and after the event) so it can be picked up again at a later date.The whiteboard feature allows you to share a whiteboard that you can annotate on with others during a meeting. At the end of the meeting the whiteboard can be saved as a file and shared. It is not persistent so a new session is required each time.
Native support for SIP video usersUp to 200 video users can join each Webex meeting. This includes Cisco video devices, industry-standard SIP devices, and users of Microsoft Skype for Business.Requires third-party support. Additional charges for extra for rooms or for interoperability.
Support and admin controlsCisco provides solution support for the entire platform, with all applications, provisioning, and configuration done through a single pane of glass via Webex Control Hub.Use of third-party devices will require additional admin support.
Web App (useful for Chromebooks and PCs that are locked down)Industry’s most comprehensive meetings web app with no download or plug-ins required. Join or host a fully featured meeting directly from your browser – with content sharing, intuitive and centralized meeting controls, and chat. Basic meeting functionality only. No sharing or hosting capabilities.
Scheduling when mobileNo download or plug-in required. Simply add @meet or @webex to the meeting location field. Multi-step process requires Zoom app on mobile device.


Continuous teamworkTransform the way you and your teams work and meet, with frictionless transitions. Includes Webex Teams’ full suite of services for calling, persistent messaging, enterprise content management, and whiteboarding. Make your meetings part of a continuous workflow. An online meeting service with messaging, file sharing, and content library.
Enterprise calling featuresFull enterprise scalability, security, and reliability with advanced enterprise UC features and integrations that make Cisco trusted by over 29 million calling users and 450 service providers. Zoom Phone is a feature-light, basic cloud PBX offering that is primarily aimed at SMB organizations and lacks many of the advanced features necessary for a successful enterprise-wide deployment.
Bring your own phone carrierWebex Calling supports bring your own phone carrier, allowing you to retain your trusted service provider or VAR partner.Zoom requires users to choose between Unlimited and Metered PSTN plans, where all external PSTN calls are charged on a per minute basis.
Integrated calling quality service assurance tools includedWebex Calling provides the ability for the partner and/or customer to view site by site media quality. Browser-based pre-qualification bandwidth and port testing tool also included.At this time Zoom Phone does not have a comparable quality assurance capability.

But don't take our word for it

In my experience WebEx is the most mature, fully featured and reliable solution of it's type i have used. We chose WebEx years ago when this space had far fewer competitors. But WebEx continues to innovate and add more capabilities to keep it at the front of this market segment.

Network Administrator, Banking

I do not need to leave my home or office to be able to actively participate in communicating with my team members. In the past, if I wasn't physically at the meeting, I was unable to engage. Now, by using webex, I can fully participate in the meeting, wherever I am.

Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Work smarter with Webex Meetings

Join over 113 million people collaborating every month.

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