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Cisco Domain Ten Framework

Cisco Domain Ten: A Fast IT Roadmap

See how you can accelerate business transformation in your IT organization. (2:47 min)

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Change to a Fast IT Organization

Cisco Domain Ten is a holistic framework designed to help you move your IT organization from the current state to your desired future state. Cisco Domain Ten began as a way to support the journey from data center to cloud, but now it also provides a consistent approach that applies to change in any topology, any architecture, and any IT initiative.

In a 1-day Cisco Domain Ten workshop, you can use our framework to help analyze your workflows, so you can optimize configurations and provide your customers with faster service. You’ll walk away with a 2- to 3-year roadmap of recommended steps to take to meet your IT transformation goals.

Read the Overview

Learn about the ten domains of your data center and the role of each in planning your IT transformation. 

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Dig even deeper and get a peek into what our customers are saying about Cisco Domain Ten.

Cisco Domain Ten can help anyone seeking to transform an IT organization. Domains 1 and 2 target the infrastructure buyer, and Domains 3 through 6 focus on the needs of the end user who benefits from automation and using Fast IT. Those focused on applications and platforms for agile, DevOps-based development resonate with the related opportunities and challenges of Domains 7 and 8. Domains 9 and 10 focus on the needs of executives for strategy, security, and operations personnel.

The Cisco Domain Ten framework brings value to:

  • All types of organizations, from enterprises to small and midsize businesses, public sector entities, and service providers.
  • All levels and every key decision maker in an organization, from executive staff to line-of-business (LOB) managers.
  • All IT projects, from automating key services and data center consolidation to virtualization and analytics. Cisco Domain Ten addresses application migration, operations and security concerns, as well as architecture and technology refreshes.

Our current customers are enjoying great results. Explore how two have benefitted from Cisco Domain Ten:

  • Learn how Energia Communications reduced provisioning time for customers from 90 minutes to 20 minutes.

Cisco Domain Ten for Cloud

Cisco Domain Ten creates a holistic view of all components in IT, so you can plan your complete Intercloud strategy to buy, consume, and provision public and private clouds. (7:52 min)

Cisco Domain Ten for Big Data

Use Cisco Domain Ten to move from traditional IT to Fast IT, and deploy big data technologies to harness the power of the Internet of Everything. (5:52 min)

Cisco Domain Ten for DevOps

Cisco Domain Ten helps bridge the gap between development teams and IT organizations so that processes, governance, and technologies work together at their best. (7:04 min)

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