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Cisco Powered Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect Your Business with the Cloud

Disasters happen. And you need continuity of your IT operations even if a catastrophic event occurs at key sites. Cisco Powered Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can help. With DRaaS from a cloud provider, you can protect your on-premises IT environment without having to operate your own disaster recovery site. You also benefit from:

  • Greatly reduced or no CapEx
  • Simpler disaster recovery deployment
  • Immediate business continuity
  • IT environment replication

Cisco Powered DRaaS is built on reliable and cost-effective technology. Your operations are continually replicated to a cloud provider data center. If a disaster hits, you can recover compute, storage and network services operations rapidly.

Increase Cost-Effectiveness

No hardware. No software. No data center. It's all handled by your cloud provider through a Cisco Powered Service that runs on reliable Cisco solutions. Because you have to buy less equipment, you will use less power and benefit from "green" computing. And because you will pay only for what you use, when you use it, you will not have any unpredictable costs.

Improve Flexibility and Operational Efficiency

You can scale up to handle special promotions or seasonal peaks, and then quickly scale down during slower times. This flexibility helps you better manage your network resources, budget, and personnel.

Provide Consistent End-User Experiences

Offer superior user experiences, whether services are delivered in the cloud, on premises, or a combination of both.

Increase Security and Control

Security is the top priority in the design, deployment, and maintenance of Cisco Powered cloud services. You can incorporate DRaaS with confidence, even in environments with the most stringent security requirements.

Cisco Powered Advantage

Cisco Powered is the industry standard for cloud and managed services. Cisco Powered services offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class, flexible, and scalable solutions. You can accelerate time to value with reliable performance that takes full advantage of continual innovation. Cisco partners undergo extensive certification and a third-party audit of their solutions to ensure your data and operations are protected. These steps help ensure that partners deliver superior levels of service, security, and 24-hour support so that you can focus on more important things during a difficult time.

To find a certified partner, go to the Cisco Partner Locator. Click Advanced Search and indicate your geographic location. Scroll down to select your Cisco Powered service or services. Click Search at the bottom of the page to view a list of local partners.

Transform Your Organization

Find Cisco Powered cloud and managed services from our certified partners.

Use a Validated Design

Get the details on the architecture and design for DRaaS.