BYOD Smart Solution

Why a Unified Approach Makes Sense

Cisco provides a "one network, one policy, and one management" strategy for network access. This approach provides all the components you need to give your employees a consistently excellent experience across locations and devices.

Your IT staff can support greater mobility with high-performance, context-aware network solutions that go beyond bring your own device (BYOD). These solutions fully address a wide range of device, security, and business requirements.

Cisco and its partners can help your IT staff plan, build, and manage a BYOD Smart Solution that:

  • Is comprehensive and highly secure
  • Supports your business objectives
  • Accelerates return on investment

One Network

Cisco wired, Wi-Fi, and 3G and 4G networks are converging. Policy and management for wired and Wi-Fi networks are unified in a single solution. And Cisco virtualization experience infrastructure (Cisco VXI) offers policy-based access to desktops from anywhere, regardless of the underlying device or network. This consolidated approach provides a scalable platform for deploying new services.

Cisco VXI helps secure enterprise data in the data center, so you can take full advantage of evolving mobility and BYOD trends. The network is where the business policy is enforced through a combination of Cisco Identity Services Engine capabilities and network infrastructure (wireless or wired).

One Policy

To handle the surge of mobile devices on enterprise networks, your IT team must set policy centrally and automate enforcement. The Cisco Identity Services Engine replaces multiple, manually synchronized processes with a single point of policy across the organization. This single point of control helps IT create centralized policy that governs access to the network, whether wired or wireless.

One Management

To support these ever-increasing mobile devices on the network, IT managers need solutions that give a single entry point for solving access and experience problems. Cisco Prime Infrastructure management solutions provide a single workflow to identify problems by user, rather than by network element.

Experience monitoring, fed with network instrumentation and intelligence, provides a single source of truth for application performance.

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