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Delivering on the Power of Analytics

What if you could apply the power of analytics to help manage your technology environment?

Business Critical Insights

Delivering descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics, Business Critical Insights is much more than a dashboard. The actionable insights, together with the consultative support of a Cisco expert, are vital to securely managing your IT environment's health and performance.

  • Increased efficiency

  • Reduced downtime

  • PSIRT visibility

Do more with what you have

Seeing your data in one place helps you make better, more informed decisions about crucial business processes and resources. (2:17 min)

View your IT health at a glance. Quickly fix problems before they become an issue, isolate those that do become issues, and create ongoing strategies to maximize operational efficiency. (2:24 min)

Keep your infrastructure and applications up and running

Get a deeper understanding of where infrastructure and application issues may be hiding and what actions you need to take to improve IT environment performance. (1:47 min)

Decrease outages with near-real-time data that helps predict issues before a disruption occurs. Spot and address problems faster and keep downtime to a minimum. (1:36 min)

Reduce risk and mitigate threats

Quickly identify threats, reduce security vulnerabilities, and prioritize issues with a portal designed specifically to meet your data integrity and security requirements. (2:23 min)

Make the Business Critical Insights portal part of your daily routine so you can spend less time worrying about compliance and risk and more time aligning your IT environment to your business priorities. (2:07 min)

More predictive than ever before

Machine learning is powering a new wave of Cisco Business Critical Services.