Cisco Remote Management Services Delivers Large-Scale Business Outcomes for Cisco IT

Cisco IT department uses Cisco Remote Management Services team to support the global network.

Out-tasking simplifies complex infrastructure and strengthens customer experience using Cisco Remote Management Services.

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By moving the day-to-day tasks to Cisco Remote Management Services, we gained efficiencies that resulted in greater availability, while freeing our engineers to focus on strategic and higher business value projects.
- John Manville, Senior Vice President, Cisco Global Infrastructure Services


Skilled Cisco IT staff were spending too much time on routine operations.

  • Engineers were mired in routine operational activities rather than solving complex issues affecting the business
  • Engineers were on call 24 hours a day for one week out of every six
  • Job satisfaction and productivity were diminishing


Out-task network monitoring and management.

  • Implemented Cisco Remote Management Services to help deliver more consistent performance and simplify the monitoring and management of a complex network and IT infrastructure
  • Out-tasked activities included monitoring VPN connectivity and voice service for over 450 Cisco sites and more than 160 Cisco extranet sites worldwide
  • Cisco Remote Management Services coordinates the resolution of carrier circuit issues.


IT engineers were freed from routine tasks, and availability and stability increased across the Cisco infrastructure.

  • Number of incident tickets requiring engineer intervention has been reduced by 47%
  • Use of automation has reduced the diagnosing of “in-call” network issues for TelePresence systems from 1-2 hours to 10-15 minutes while eliminating human error
  • By identifying the source of complex or chronic problems, Cisco Remote Management Services helped ensure shorter recovery times

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