Ministry of Justice Modernized Technology Platform

Ministry of Justice Modernized Technology Platform

Besttel achieves deeper engagement with their clients with Cisco Smart Care as a differentiator.

Cisco and SBM play important role in major project to give Saudi Arabia legal system greater efficiency through more collaborative processes.

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We've seen a quick return on investment with savings on office telecom charges, mobile bills, and desk phone costs with Cisco Unified IP Phones which also save on moves, adds, and changes.
- Abdirashid Samater, Techical Manager and IT Advisor, Saudi Ministry of Justice


Outdated or nonexistent network links and nonstandard technologies made processing large numbers of cases challenging and time consuming.

  • Remove limitations and complexities within legacy systems
  • Improve the service the Ministry offers to citizens
  • Simplify approach for building private cloud
  • Improve services uptime and response, and speed up legal processes


Introduction of a new information center, new network technology and communications systems.


The Ministry can now route new cases to notaries who have lower case loads, reducing the waiting time from 15 days to one day.

  • The Ministry of Justice is now able to provide speedier, more flexible service for less money
  • New server set up reduced from days to hours; network availability increased from 75 to 99 percent
  • Costs avoided by shutting down more than 400 private branch exchanges, each of which had its own support contract

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