Driving Innovation With Collaboration

Driving Innovation With Collaboration

GE works closely with Cisco to design employee collaboration platform.

GE works closely with Cisco to design employee collaboration platform that fuels innovation and solves important problems faster.

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We're creating that virtual water cooler where people can work together to solve important problems, faster.
- Ron Utterbeck, CIO, GE Corporate, GE


Harness the power of employee minds to innovate and solve important problems.

  • Collaborate across large employee population in multiple countries and languages
  • Enable easier communication and exchange of ideas
  • Integrate solution into people's daily lives


Build a simple, intuitive way to share and find information.

  • Engage Cisco Services to design the solution infrastructure
  • Deploy WebEx Social as the solution platform, integrated with other Cisco Collaboration tools
  • Use Cisco Remote Management Service to support the solution rollout smoothly


Made a large, enterprise company feel smaller and improved information exchange.

  • Enables employees to solve important problems better and faster
  • Over 80% of GE employees are using this tool to date
  • Early adopters spanned all levels of employees, including executive, opening new channels for discussion across rank, age and geography

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