Cruise Line Simplifies Collaboration and Improves Guest Experience

Carnival Cruise Lines uses Cisco Unified Wireless Network to streamline shipboard operations, improve guest experience and increase return on investment.

Carnival Cruise Lines guests enjoy wireless internet access throughout the ship, and crew members collaborate with voice over wi-fi.

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Wireless voice over IP enables us to respond quickly to guest requests, providing a high-touch experience that encourages passengers to vacation with us again and recommend Carnival to their friends.
- Tom McCormick, Manager of Voice and Network Engineering, Carnival Cruise Lines


Onboard communications are problematic and cause inconveniences for both passengers and members of the crew.

  • Differentiate guest experiences
  • Increase operational efficiency of highly mobile employees
  • Minimize equipment space and power requirements


A wireless network, which only requires a small amount of hardware and provides both wired and wireless access.

  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network that passengers and crew can use for paid internet access from anywhere aboard the ship
  • Provided crew with Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7925G and 7921G, and loaned them to parents of children in Camp Carnival


Streamlined shipboard operations, improved guest experience and increased return on investment.

  • Delighted guests by providing universal internet access
  • Increased internet access revenues by at least 15%
  • Improved operational efficiency for processes ranging from food replenishment to equipment repairs

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