Borderless Network Boosts Flexibility of Logistics Business

Cisco technology will allow Broekman Group to deploy wireless networking and unified communications applications.

Broekman Group solves capacity and equipment issues with architecture encompassing core, edge, and wireless network components.

We have had an excellent experience over the last few years with Cisco; its technologies are very stable.
- Martijn Hendriks, General Manager, Broekman Group


Aging equipment and a mix of older platforms were creating bottlenecks in the network and preventing the company from improving productivity.

  • Corporate takeovers lead to aging and mixed platforms which lead to network performance issues
  • Requirement to improve workforce flexibility for on-site workers
  • Desire to turn the network into a productivity enablement platform for the business


Cisco takes an end-to-end architecture approach centered within Cisco's borderless networks and collaboration architectures.


The borderless networks architecture has solved Broekman's capacity and equipment issues while allowing implementation of Cisco Unified Communications Manager technology.

  • Improved productivity by helping workers communicate and work more effectively
  • Enhanced mobility to keep workers productive wherever they are
  • Better collaboration through instant messaging, phone calls, or videoconferencing

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