Arizona Hospital System Migrates to Unified Wireless System Without a Glitch

Cisco Services gives Banner Health a unified wireless solution with increased security.

Cisco Services upgrades Banner Health's networks to Cisco Unified Wireless Solutions with zero downtime.

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Thanks to the expertise of Cisco Services, we gained confidence in our ability to transparently convert all our facilities.
- James D. Pflugfelder, Director, Network Planning and Integration, Banner Health


Managing thousands of independent wireless access points is costly, time-consuming, and lacks security.

  • Simplify wireless administration by converting autonomous access points to a centrally managed system
  • Provide physicians, patients, and quests with wireless internet access while safeguarding sensitive patient data
  • Convert to a unified wireless network without disrupting patient care


Cisco Services provided a set of processes and technology tools, and a comprehensive plan for a quick transition to a unified wireless system.


New wireless network improves patient services and staff productivity while giving the overall system more security and controls.

  • A transparent deployment within the maintenance window
  • Greatly simplified management of multiple large wireless networks
  • Reliable delivery of critical wireless applications and patient data
  • Secure internet access for physicians, patients, and guests
  • Knowledge transfer empowering IT to perform future conversions

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