Consulting Firm Benefits from Smart Services

Consulting Firm Benefits from Smart Services

Alliant Technologies helps Managed Market Resources control costs and maintain network availability.

Managed Market Resources get proactive, cost-effective care from Cisco partner Alliant Technologies

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Once Alliant called and asked if we had a network problem. Two minutes later the service level dropped. They were fixing the problem before it even happened.
- Steven Bauwens, Chief Operating Officer, Managed Market Resources


Reduce costs while bridging the gap between proactive management and device maintenance.

  • Cost-effectively maintain network availability without internal IT support
  • Provide clients with on-demand access to consultants


Expert 24x7 monitoring and technical support directly from the partner, backed by technical support and hardware replacement by Cisco.

  • Managed network service through Cisco partner
  • Smart Care Service


Controlling costs while maintaining the highest network availability.

  • Greater business continuity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Lower network costs

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