Telecom Gains Visibility into Network Events and Systems

Cisco Smart Net Total Care makes it easy to track Cisco inventory and support contracts.

Alestra gets more time to focus on business, with Cisco Smart Net Total Care.

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With so much detailed information at our fingertips, we can easily track inventory, support contracts, patching, alerts, and all of the other essential information that we need.
- Sergio Gonzalez, Operations Manager, Alestra


Optimize network availability and performance.

  • Maintaining current network device inventory was time-consuming
  • Lack of visibility into device patch and support status increased operational risk
  • Difficulty in tracking all system (IOS) versions increased risk of downtime due to incompatibilities


Actionable intelligence and proactive support to increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.


Smart Net Total Care Service has made it easier to collaborate and avoid duplicate efforts.

  • Saved three to five hours per week in installed base management
  • Gained instant visibility into accurate inventory reports
  • Simplified software patch updates, planning, and budgeting with access to detailed device information

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