Borderless Network Connects Schools for Next Generation Learning

Abu Dhabi Education Council modernizes education with help from Cisco Services for data center, virtualization, unified communications, and wireless services.

Abu Dhabi Education Council transforms and optimizes the learning environment with help from Cisco Services.

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The future looks very bright. As we anticipate a number of complex initiatives, we are blessed to have made the correct decision in choosing Cisco. We have the infrastructure that will stay with us and scale so that we can now move forward confidently.
- Mohammed Younes, ICT Division Manager, ADEC


Optimize the learning environment and enhance student performance.

  • Connect 270 public schools to the data center, the internet, and each other
  • Deploy education solutions for developing world class learners
  • Implement solutions quickly


A borderless network that connects people, places, and information to create a collaborative, technology-based learning environment.


Education is transformed across Abu Dhabi, with schools that now have internet access, content filtering, and end-to-end wireless capabilities.

  • New Borderless Network Architecture that supports the voice, data, and multimedia services the council needs today and can scale to support future growth
  • Increased administrative productivity and consistency

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