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Case Study: O2 Czech Republic

Keeping ahead of changing customer demands

O2 Czech Republic rolls out new broadband and mobile services successfully while maintaining leadership in competitive environment using Cisco Services.

Customer highlights


  • Constantly enhancing and expanding the network
  • Cannot afford the risk of frequent outages and disruptions
  • Rolling out new LTE services to over 6 million users



  • Improved network stability
  • Minimized network downtime
  • KPI goals are 99.999% (5 nines) availability for voice services
  • KPI goals are 99.995% (5 nines) for retail broadband services

Network stability is key for O2 Czech Republic

"The stability of the network has improved, while the downtime caused by software failures, misconfiguration, or not following best practices was minimized. Cisco delivered on time and within budget."

Tomáš Vančura Network Infrastructure Manager, O2 Czech Republic

Who is O2 Czech Republic

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Size: 3,000+ Employees
Website: https://www.o2.cz