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Cisco Business Critical Services

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Updated:May 31, 2022

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Updated:May 31, 2022


Analytics-driven, expert guidance to move your business forward

Are digital demands outpacing your IT expertise? You’re not alone.

Between the explosive growth in e-commerce, online medical assistance, and hybrid work and learning environments, digital engagements are at an all-time high. And, with more than 7.5 billion Internet users predicted by 2030,1 these digital interactions will only continue their upward climb – creating greater digital demand your organization will need to fulfill.

Are you ready?

Unfortunately, the growing IT skills gap has left many IT organizations under-staffed and unable to support these critical business requirements. Currently, 86 percent of CIOs can’t find the talent they need in cybersecurity, cloud, and data security.2

And the cracks are showing.

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How do we do it? Expertise powered by analytics, insights, and automation.

Behind every team of trusted Cisco experts, we employ analytics, automation, and remediation technology to deliver sharper insights and better results.

      Telemetry, data, and benchmarking:

Secure and intelligent routing, always-on data conditioning, and global industry benchmarking

      AI and ML insights:

Patented algorithms and machine learning, prioritized remediation recommendations, and prediction and prevention of downtime

      Automation and remediation:

Streamlined routine tasks, accelerated testing with less risk, and analytics driven recommendations

Cisco® Business Critical Services give you access to trusted experts, powered by our proprietary analytics, insights, and automation, to help accelerate outcomes by creating resilient, adaptive, and transformative IT.

Our services provide guidance throughout the technology lifecycle, continuous engagement with Cisco experts, and value across the IT landscape. With our 35 years of expertise in industry leading networking and security design, implementation, and optimization, Business Critical Services' advisory expertise boasts:

      3 million devices delivering intelligent analytics

      1.7 million certified professionals

      62,000 trusted partner ecosystems

Depending on the tier selected, services can include:

      Operational Insights Review sessions for Cisco expert insights into your network operations to reduce risk and improve performance

      Change Window Support for Cisco expert recommendations prior to the scheduled change window plus real-time guidance during scheduled network changes

      Priority Case Management for a single point-of-contact to deliver monitoring and escalation support related to your most severe cases to help rapidly repair your network

      Ask the Experts for full access to a catalog of webinar sessions on onboarding, implementing, using, adopting, and optimizing Cisco solutions

      Expert Review Workshops for guidance in areas including configuration, testing, implementation, strategy, architecture, design, resiliency, and network audit

      Expert Incident Review for Cisco review of past incidents to identify trends and patterns to help prevent and minimize repeat problems

      Accelerators for unlimited access to technical interactive webinars with Cisco experts who share analytics-driven guidance and insights and recommend best practices

Business Critical Services is a SaaS subscription model available in 12-month or multi-year terms. With our services, you can automatically take advantage of new capabilities as they are released. Covering the full IT lifecycle, these services are available in three prepackaged tiers of service - Essentials, Advantage, and Premier. Add our Specialized Expertise in the form of Scrum Services and Expert-as-a-Service to empower your IT teams and meet your unique business needs.


Customers who use Business Critical Services advisory services have experienced incredible results, such as those highlighted below:8

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Next steps

Start leveraging the expertise and analytic insights from the leader in networking and security to drive a superior digital experience, accelerate value from your IT investments, and move your business forward.

Visit Cisco Business Critical Services to learn more, or reach out to your Cisco representative or partner today.


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