Wireless Case Study: Hyatt

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Happier, More Loyal Guests

The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara transforms the guest experiences and grows its bottom line with enhanced Wi-Fi and analytics.


Wi-Fi is one of the most visible services a hotel provides, and is crucial to guest experiences and loyalty. Hyatt had limited Wi-Fi coverage that was not designed for the modern, mobile digital guest. To support its vision of a digital hotel of the future, Hyatt wanted to:

  • Offer reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi with continuous roaming service
  • Measure guest preferences and behavior
  • Create digital hotel model to replicate globally


With Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solution, Hyatt can detect, connect, and engage users anywhere in the hotel. The Hyatt:



Hyatt now has a proven model to improve Wi-Fi experiences at its properties around the world. Using Cisco solutions, the Hyatt:

  • Grew revenues by up to 20 percent using guest Wi-Fi for data and marketing
  • Offered a continuous Wi-Fi experience
  • Contributed to a 65-point increase in Net Promoter Scores (NPS) showing improved customer satisfaction
Since introducing our next-generation Wi-Fi, we’ve increased revenues up to 20 percent per month.
- Dania Duke,
General Manager, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara