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Cisco Universal Small Cell 8000 Series

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Cisco Universal Small Cell 8000 Seriesview expanded image

High-Quality Coverage for High-Density Enterprises

There is a growing demand for indoor, small cell voice and data coverage, especially in large enterprises where these mobile services are mission-critical. The Cisco Universal Small Cell 8000 Series (USC 8000) provides transparent, high-quality coverage in large enterprises and in public spaces such as airports, shopping malls, and campuses to meet this demand.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco USC 8000 Series is part of the Cisco Universal Small Cell Solution. Our end-to-end platform integrates small cell, self-organizing network (SON), and backhaul technologies for an efficient and highly secure heterogeneous network (HetNet).

The USC 8000 portfolio includes a scalable, multitechnology controller for management of the in-building system. Using this single controller, operators can use existing infrastructure to quickly deploy targeted, mobile coverage to large enterprises.

The Cisco USC 8000 Series provides the following benefits to mobile operators:

  • Reduced network and operations costs
    By using existing infrastructure, cabling, and built-in automatic, coordinated SON, deployments are simple and cost-effective.
  • Reduced capital expenditures
    The USC 8088 Controller provides local management and coordination, reducing capital expenditure costs associated with delivering transparent, high-quality, and contiguous coverage.
  • Increased scalability
    The USC 8000 Series architecture coordinates, manages, aggregates, and provides service for up to 100 small cells from a single controller. The result is an enhanced user experience in large buildings.

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