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Cisco Universal Small Cell 3000 Series

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Cisco Universal Small Cell 3000 Seriesview expanded image

Get High-Performance Voice Coverage at Home

Consumers want great voice coverage at home, where they use their mobile phones most. Operators want to deliver that coverage simply and cost effectively. The Cisco Universal Small Cell (USC) 3000 Series is designed to help operators quickly deliver high-performance mobile voice coverage for a home or small office.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco USC 3000 Series is a dedicated small-cell base station that can efficiently deliver mobile services indoors, effectively increasing the capacity of the outdoor macro network. The benefits of the Cisco design include:

  • Reduced network costs and easy operation: The intelligence within the solution means that end users only have to connect the device to a broadband connection and power source. After that, the device automatically configures itself and enters into service.
  • Carrier-grade cellular base station technology: The Cisco USC 3000 Series provides the technology equivalent to macrocellular service within the home. It is fully managed by the mobile operator and provides a cellular signal inside the building for voice, data, and messaging services.
  • High degree of security: The device is highly secure both on the air interface from the access point to the user’s device and on the broadband Internet link. The device uses software signatures and encryption to protect against tampering. In the unlikely event that the device is compromised, it will automatically recover to a known secure state.

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