Wireless Case Study: South Island School

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New Avenues for Learning


South Island School is committed to using technology in the classroom. To continue to provide students and staff with the best experience possible, the school needed to refresh the infrastructure with a network that could meet bandwidth needs for years to come. It aimed to

  • Enhance learning experiences with technology
  • Upgrade its wireless infrastructure to handle heavy loads
  • Build an infrastructure that would last for years


  • Updated the wireless network around Cisco access points with IEEE 802.11ac performance
  • Centralized management with support for converged wired and wireless networks


  • Delivered stable wireless connections for thousands of wireless devices
  • Enhanced classroom work with video, applications, and sharing
  • Improved network visibility and uptime
Through wireless access, teachers connect students with learning experiences from beyond the classroom.
- Victor Alamo
ICT manager, South Island School