Case Study: Russian Schools Benefit from Borderless Networks

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Russian Schools - Tatarstan

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Case Study: Russian Schools Benefit from Borderless Networks


Connect schools and educate teachers on the use of Information and communication technology, and to create a student-centric environment that promotes academic excellence.


Using a Cisco Borderless Network architecture, Tatarstan has implemented a wireless solution, connecting 1600 schools with access to people, information, and tools, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


  • Reduces downtime and risk of interference
  • Eliminates dead spots in coverage and enables faster speeds for older devices
  • Provides unified approach to security

With the Cisco approach, we found clear advantages in terms of providing network readiness for cloud computing, video, and secure data processing.
- Almaz Valliulin
Head of Center of Information Technologies
Center of Inofrmation Technologies

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