Cisco PDSN HA Packet Data Serving Node and Home Agent

Combine Intelligence and Performance

Combine the performance and intelligence you need to deliver mobile broadband services to subscribers with Cisco PDSN/HA Packet Data Serving Node and Home Agent. These network functions are the choice of most of the world's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network operators.

Get Field-Proven Functionality

These field-proven PDSN/HA functions:

  • Are supported on the industry-leading Cisco ASR 5000 Series
  • Deliver exceptional throughput, call transaction rates, and packet processing, along with significant memory resources
  • Help you build high-margin revenue, cut infrastructure costs, and get a rapid return on your packet core network investment

Easily Evolve with the Network

Through simple software upgrades, the Cisco PDSN/HA can support all future 3GPP2 access technologies, including evolved high-rate packet data (eHRPD), protecting your investment as your network evolves to next-generation access technologies.

Cisco PDSN/HA also offer:

  • Up to three platforms that fit in a standard 48 rack-mount unit (RMU) telecommunications rack or equipment cabinet
  • Support for Simple IP, Proxy Mobile IP, Mobile IP, and IPv6 applications within a single platform
  • Subscriber- and service-aware service steering capability to promote tiered service policies
  • Cisco In-Line Services to help generate revenue
  • High availability for subscriber satisfaction and 99.999 percent system availability
  • Distributed architecture allows operators to plug and play, without the need to provision blades and interfaces to increase capacity or throughput

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