Wireless Case Study: Brunel University London

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Supporting Growing Mobility Demands

Brunel University London deploys a Cisco bring-your-own-device Smart Solution to automate Wi-Fi policy enforcement, authentication, and management.


As mobility becomes the medium of choice for students, Brunel must support its bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program with comprehensive, continuous Wi-Fi access. At the same time, it aims to maintain security and visibility into network usage.


Cisco was able to deliver a complete BYOD Smart Solution, including access points, controllers, security, and network management.


  • A superior Wi-Fi experience: Continuous high-speed connectivity for 17,000 users across 70 buildings
  • Improved visibility: Provides insight into user activity and applications on network
  • A competitive advantage: Positions university as a leader in wireless mobility
With our 802.11ac capable Wi-Fi network from Cisco, we’re exceeding student expectations for service quality.
- Simon Furber
Network and Data Centre Manager, Brunel University London