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Cisco In-Line Services

Offer Differentiated Services Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Cisco offers integrated intelligence, deep packet inspection (DPI), and value-added services on the ASR 5000 multimedia core platform.  These In-Line Services are deployed within the call instead of requiring the call to be off-loaded to standalone provisioning servers and load balancers.

Rapid Mobile Monetization and Optimization

Integrating network and service intelligence into the ASR 5000 creates a highly efficient solution. It can significantly reduce costs while helping mobile operators quickly develop, market, and gain revenue from differentiated services. Cisco In-Line services include:

  • Cisco Enhanced Charging Service
  • Cisco Content Filtering
  • Cisco Header Enrichment
  • Cisco Subscriber Firewall and  Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Cisco Application Detection and Optimization
  • Cisco Network Traffic Optimization:
    • QoS Quality of Service Control,
    • Per Subscriber Traffic Policing/Shaping,
    • TPO Traffic Packet Optimization

Cisco In-Line Services provide unique capabilities:

  • Integrated functionality for reduced costs and greater network visibility
  • Platform-specific architecture for greater scalability and reliability
  • Next-generation intelligence for increased capabilities with minimal performance impact

Cisco In-Line Services help you offer new services with greater flexibility and simplicity. At the same time, they help ensure efficient traffic flow with a simplified network topology.

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