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Cisco Virtual Media Packager

Cisco Virtual Media Packagerview expanded image

Streamline Advanced Media Services

The Cisco Virtual Media Packager cloud-based platform streamlines the deployment of advanced services such as TV Everywhere and cloud DVR. This singular solution supports critical functions such as media ingestion, packaging, recording, storage, and publishing to simplify media processing.

Features and Capabilities

In a modern media-delivery infrastructure, operators must be able to offer subscriber services that deliver media to a variety of endpoints, from set-top boxes to tablets, laptops, and mobile devices. The latest delivery methods provide many advantages, but they also introduce complex flows for processing the media. These flows must be managed in combination with an operator's existing media-delivery system. With Cisco Virtual Media Packager, operators can prepare and publish media for distribution to the latest HTTP adaptive bit rate (ABR) clients, as well as to MPEG-2 streaming endpoints such as IPTV and cable set-top boxes.

Cisco Virtual Media Packager uses the latest virtualization and cloud technology to elastically and independently instantiate and scale media origination data plane functions. This capability helps fulfill the operator's service requirements with great efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

The distinct advantages of Cisco Virtual Media Packager are described in the following sections.

Media Intelligence

Cisco Virtual Media Packager is the common media origination platform for the ingestion, storage, packaging, and origination of the major media formats today. These formats include Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft HTTP Smooth Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, and MPEG-2 TS. Cisco Virtual Media Packager also supports the most widely used digital rights management (DRM) systems for media protection. Thus, the operator can offer services to any device using a single origination platform.

Service Orientation

Cisco Virtual Media Packager is built to support the consumer services that an operator must provide in order to grow revenue. It offers easy operational constructs designed to ease the provisioning and operation of live, video-on-demand, time-shift TV, and cloud DVR services.

Cloud Readiness

Cisco Virtual Media Packager is virtualized software ready for cloud orchestration within the data center. Operators can speed deployment whether they are on Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) hardware or another computing platform of their choice.

Dynamic Scale

Cisco Virtual Media Packager is designed so that all major functions such as ingestion, transformation, storage, and origination scale elastically and independently. Operators can then grow in a resource-efficient way, reducing their infrastructure costs.


Cisco Virtual Media Packager is designed to orchestrate the critical components of media origination and to support the best possible live, VoD, time-shift TV and cloud DVR services.

Open APIs

Cisco Virtual Media Packager provides open APIs for integration with the operator's provisioning, management, and control plane infrastructures.

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