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Cisco Universal Small Cell 5310

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

View the End-of-Life Notice to learn: 

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Deliver Targeted, High-Value TV Advertisements

Target the right viewers with Cisco Videoscape TV Addressable Advertising. This advertisement substitution platform is designed for live, time-shifted, and on-demand content. It adds value to your advertising sales platform by sending marketing messages that are based on subscribers' demographic profile, location, and other criteria.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Videoscape TV Addressable Advertising draws on granular subscriber information to help you bring the right advertisements to the right viewers. Using set-top box measurement data and DVR hard-disk space, this solution helps you personalize the viewer experience. Get the infrastructure you need to:

  • Segment your audience
  • Prepare advertisements
  • Insert advertisements smoothly in the right place

Business Benefits

Cisco Videoscape TV Addressable Advertising increases advertising revenue for your platform by helping you:

  • Attract new advertisers by offering granular addressability
  • Sell a single slot to multiple advertisers
  • Resell time-shifted DVR advertisement inventory
  • Increase business from media buyers, who can reach more relevant audiences
  • Reduce channel change by delivering relevant advertising

Customer Benefits

Your partners in the advertising chain also benefit from Cisco Videoscape TV Addressable Advertising:

  • Programmers can generate more revenue from the same advertising inventory
  • Advertisers deliver their message to target audiences more efficiently
  • Consumers see advertisements that are more relevant, thereby improving the consumer viewing experience

Contact Cisco

  • 1-800-553-6387
  • US/CAN | 5am-5pm PT