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Cisco Videoscape Snowflake

Deliver Superior User Experiences

Differentiation through content has become a challenge. The Cisco Videoscape Snowflake user interface improves the way that your subscribers discover and use TV. You can deliver a unique experience that connects subscribers to your brand and helps keep them loyal.

Features and Capabilities

Choose Cisco Videoscape Snowflake to deliver superior video user experiences and create a strong association with your brand.

Built and customized at our in-house studio, Snowflake combines creative design expertise with years of experience in developing video service interfaces. Cisco Videoscape Snowflake is intuitive, elegant, and modern, as evidenced by its many design awards.

With Cisco Videoscape Snowflake, your platform can:

  • Help users navigate intuitively through a unique design structure
  • Lead users to relevant media through a content-directed user experience
  • Offer a consistent experience across managed and unmanaged devices
  • Add advanced features such as contextual apps, user profiles, and social TV
  • Extend easily to support new video features and services over time

Providing a unique user experience with Cisco Videoscape Snowflake brings important business benefits to your platform. You can:

  • Retain subscribers by deepening their connection with your brand
  • Attract new customers by strengthening brand awareness and popularity
  • Charge a premium price for a premium positioned service
  • Increase average revenue per user by transparently integrating video on demand (VoD) with linear and recorded content

Enhance the TV Experience

Cisco Videoscape Snowflake changes the way that your subscribers perceive TV. Through a consistent user interface across all their devices, users can:

  • Discover, view, record, and share content intuitively
  • Browse all their content on one screen, including linear, over-the-top (OTT), VoD, and recorded content
  • Define personalized experiences for each user in the home
  • Access contextual content and apps while watching TV
  • Use their companion device as a remote control

Contact Cisco

  • 1-800-553-6387
  • US/CAN | 5am-5pm PT