Cisco Videoscape Open API Cloud

Develop Applications for New Video Experiences

Create value-added applications that bring new video experiences to your subscribers. Use the Cisco Videoscape Open API Framework to develop branded applications through in-house or third-party developers, and simplify management of your cloud video infrastructure.

Features and Capabilities

Differentiate your service and improve customer loyalty by creating branded applications that offer your subscribers new video experiences. Cisco Videoscape Open API Cloud lets you integrate internal and third-party applications into your branded video experience. You can:

  • Add Facebook or Twitter to digital video recorder (DVR) experiences
  • Create "companion experiences" for tablets or smartphones, synchronized to the TV
  • Integrate with third-party ad insertion, recommendation, and analytics engines

Simplify the management of cloud video infrastructure. Cisco Videoscape Open API Cloud provides a scalable cloud platform that can rapidly adapt to changing features and requirements.

With these capabilities, you can:

  • Differentiate your service with branded applications that integrate content and services
  • Increase subscriber loyalty by delivering new value-added cloud capabilities as part of the video experience
  • Reduce operational expenses by simplifying and automating the management of cloud video data and resources
  • Increase business agility with the ability to quickly develop and scale new cloud-based features and services
  • Increase innovation by capitalizing on third-party applications for intelligent advertising, recommendations, analytics, and more

Specifications at a Glance

Cisco Videoscape Open API Cloud provides:

  • Open APIs across all Cisco Videoscape control plane components
  • Comprehensive and highly secure access to information such as content metadata, user profiles, and subscriber devices
  • OpenStack support for simplified management of cloud resources, contextual device and content data collection, and analytics
  • Integration with the Cisco API portal and third-party ecosystem partners
  • Optional Cisco Services to support application development

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