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Cisco Videoscape Open API Client

Quickly Deploy New Interactive Applications

Help application developers bring dynamic, interactive experiences to IP, cable, and hybrid set-top devices. Cisco Videoscape Open API Client uses available cloud and web technologies, along with Cisco Videoscape APIs. With the resulting large set of tools, developers can create high-value services and applications.

Features and Capabilities

The marketplace is crowded, and you have to differentiate your services to compete. You need to create value-added apps that enhance the video experience and deploy them quickly for your subscribers. But the traditional client software environment depends on hardware that is specific to each type of set-top or gateway device. Any new service deployment is slow and complex.

Cisco Videoscape Open API Client, however, accelerates deployment of new video services. This solution is part of the overall Cisco Open API Framework and provides an open software environment. Developers can create client apps that access content, device, and user information for various applications, such as:

  • Controlling the volume or tuning to a service
  • Using the electronic programming guide (EPG) to search, navigate, and play back recorded content
  • Displaying contextual information (for example, event name or genre) for content that is currently being viewed

Business Benefits

Cisco Videoscape Open API Client abstracts client software from hardware dependencies. Developers can create applications once and deploy them on QAM, native IP, and new hybrid set-top devices.

With these innovative capabilities, your organization can:

  • Accelerate delivery of new services by developing apps once and quickly deploying them on multiple types of hardware
  • Differentiate your services with advanced video experiences that integrate content and cloud-based applications
  • Reduce costs with an open- and shared-source software environment
  • Increase revenue by deploying new web- and cloud-connected services and offerings
  • Help protect your investment with a modular, open software environment that can grow and change with your business

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