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Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Streaming Player

Automate Content Acquisition and Storage

Automatically manage all acquisition and storage of user-defined content with the Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Streaming Player, an advanced, customizable media delivery system. You can embed the player on a PC or deploy it as a standalone application. It provides support for local rights persistence, and advanced download functionality and device management.

Benefit from Simplified Automation

The Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Streaming Player is easy to use, with features such as:

  • Built-in video storefront, library, and download tabs
  • Standard media player controls, including a full-screen display
  • Simplified product description and metadata UI with an inline product detail view
  • Attractive sorting and filtering animation
  • Configurable tooltips

You can easily comply with regulations and meet security needs, with:

  • Internationalization (i18n) compliance, including double-byte language support
  • User authentication
  • Digital rights license management
  • Metering and reporting
  • Three-level catalog and category hierarchy

This player offers portable device synchronization, linking content between a PC and a mobile device. Other important features include:

  • User account creation and "checkout" flow
  • Persistent download management
  • Push content delivery
  • Standardized companion banner advertising space
  • Downloaded advertisement insertion and rotation