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Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Entitlement

Deliver Digital Media More Effectively

Service providers need a flexible solution to manage digital media in today's diverse market. Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Entitlement is an end-to-end digital media delivery architecture that supports both streaming and download advertising.

Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Entitlement takes full advantage of a commerce engine that supports multiple business models.

Whether you work with subscription, ad-supported, pay-per-view, or rental models in direct-to-consumer or syndication scenarios, use a single platform to manage them all. The platform also supports a wide range of promotion strategies, including coupons and gifts, and integrates with your existing billing, advertising, and e-commerce systems.

Primary Benefits

  • Get flexibility to support streaming and download advertising for better return on investment (ROI)
  • Update ads, content, and ad insertion points individually after download without notifying the user
  • Protect download content with an industry standard, not a proprietary digital rights management (DRM) solution
  • Capture playback and ad-viewing metrics, and integrate with existing ad servers and campaign management platforms
  • Get industry standard player support for unique creative units


  • Manages core commerce functionality: transaction logic, clearing, pricing, and packaging
  • Helps enable simple merchandizing through automated product profiles
  • Allows service providers to layer additional components on top of existing infrastructure
  • Provides the ability to scale existing services and introduce new services on a common platform