Cisco Videoscape Media Suite CMS

Automate Video Content Delivery

Meet increasing video content delivery demands with the Cisco Videoscape Media Suite Content Management System (CMS). This system provides:

  • Carrier-grade infrastructure
  • Unified repository for video assets
  • Automation of processes and delivery
  • Comprehensive reporting

With Cisco Videoscape Media Suite CMS, you can automate and manage the entire production process through the platform's multiuser, multi-tiered access controls. You can set up automation profiles for the following important processes:

  • Describe profiles – Specify predetermined values or editing rules for metadata fields to apply to assets as they are processed.
  • Encoding profiles – Specify the target encoding infrastructure and configure transcoding and encoding parameters.
  • Encryption profiles – Process encoded assets into protected assets according to encryption parameters.
  • Product profiles – Define the business rules around transforming assets into products.
  • Distribution profiles – Define the locations where processed assets are distributed pending final distribution to end users.
  • Automation profiles – Easily configure custom, end-to-end bulk-processing workflows.

Cisco Videoscape Media Suite CMS includes an intuitive management console that features:

  • Views into ingestion processes
  • Video metadata editing
  • Flexible workflows
  • Automation configuration capabilities
  • Reporting capabilities on system and user activity across a variety of metrics

Cisco Videoscape Media Suite

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