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Cisco Videoscape Identity Management

Offer Personalized Multiscreen Video Services

Easily deliver a multiscreen experience that is personalized to each individual. Cisco Videoscape Identity Management integrates with your existing operations and business systems, and supports personal subscriptions that follow users across devices. You can differentiate your offering, increase customer loyalty, and support new services.

Features and Capabilities

New cloud and multiscreen video services are changing the traditional definition of "user." To deliver a personalized video experience inside and outside the home, you have to manage entitlements, preferences, and recommendations for individuals across devices.

Cisco Videoscape Identity Management provides a complete front-end service that can be deployed in the public cloud or a virtualized data center. It maintains user preferences, entitlements, viewing history, and more to offer personalized video services for each subscriber in a household.

With Cisco Videoscape Identity Management, you can provide:

  • Consistent, easy user experiences across multiple screens and devices
  • Support for multiple users and devices within a single account, while preserving existing operations and billing systems
  • Personalized viewing experiences, including personal DVR, parental controls, and favorites

You can also provide access to personal content from anywhere, with the ability to:

  • Remotely book recordings
  • Review and consume stored content
  • Change account settings from any device or location

In addition, you get a flexible identity management foundation for diverse applications, including

  • Lifecycle management of recorded content on a per-subscriber basis
  • Multiscreen content security
  • Business and offer management
  • Advanced advertising

With all these capabilities, you can:

  • Differentiate your offering
  • Increase subscriber loyalty with a more personalized video experience that is tailored to each user
  • Increase revenue by bringing revenue-generating services to new devices
  • Enhance scalability with identity management services that can operate and scale in cloud environments

You can also protect your investment by transitioning to multiuser, multiscreen account and device management while integrating your existing back-end systems.

Cisco Videoscape Identity Management is part of the Cisco Videoscape Control Suite, a complete control-plane framework for today's heterogeneous, cloud-connected environments. Cisco Videoscape Control Suite transforms the service provider control plane from a rigid, monolithic system to a more scalable and flexible data center model.

With this suite, you can provision the full range of modern video services as virtualized services that can be deployed quickly and economically, including:

  • Endpoint management
  • Identity
  • Advertising
  • Security

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