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Cisco Videoscape EPG Advertising

Unlock New Advertising Revenues

Uncover new revenues by integrating targeted ads throughout the program guide and video navigation experience. Cisco Videoscape EPG Advertising creates a better user experience with ads that are more relevant to the viewer. Service providers increase the value of your ad inventory and help enable new promotions and partnerships.

Features and Capabilities

The electronic programming guide (EPG) is the central hub through which subscribers view your TV experience. Now it can also provide a platform for expanded advertising revenues and new promotion opportunities.

Place ads in multiple, easily configurable places in the EPG, as well as within the video experience itself, such as when viewers pause or rewind a program. Use Cisco Videoscape EPG Advertising to:

  • Insert ads targeted to specific shows, channels, or times
  • Sell compelling sponsorship deals to advertisers
  • Advertise your own promotions
  • Extend and reinforce on-screen broadcast ads
  • Drive viewers to interactive services on the set-top box

Valuable New Ad Inventory

Sell advertising inventory tied directly into the viewing experience of the most popular TV shows, at a fraction of the cost of buying traditional commercials. Integrate ad placements with internal and third-party ad decisioning systems to make EPG ads more relevant to the viewer.

With these capabilities, you can:

  • Grow ad revenues by expanding your ad inventory to new parts of the TV experience
  • Increase ad inventory value by supporting targeted promotions, ad placements during the most popular programs, and more user impressions per ad
  • Gain valuable customer insight by accurately tracking ad impressions and viewer interaction with EPG ads
  • Improve the subscriber experience by delivering more relevant and interactive ads
  • Create more profitable campaigns by integrating with other solutions such as Cisco Videoscape TV Addressable Advertising and Cisco Videoscape Audience Measurement