Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite Service Broker

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Accelerate Transformation to CDN Federation

Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite Service Broker (VDS-SB) is a dual solution comprised of Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Broker for operations consolidation and CDN Service Selector for caching and routing across multiple CDNs. Both elements accelerate consolidation, whether for multiple CDNs at one service provider or for multiple CDN service providers.

Features and Capabilities

Service providers are now exploring the potential of CDN Federations, which Cisco defines as multi-footprint, open CDN capabilities built from resources owned and operated by autonomous members. CDN Federations offer a better way to manage and benefit from the dramatic increase in traffic on their networks. Cisco VDS-SB is comprised of CDN Service Broker and CDN Service Selector, each intended to accelerate CDN Federation capabilities.

The CDN Service Broker component is video architecture enhancement that can enable CDN platform convergence, billing mediation, and cross-CDN provisioning. It also includes CDN Interconnect, which supports routing functions among all CDN Federation members.

The CDN Service Selector component intelligently determines from which cache to service incoming subscriber content requests. It does so based on whether that request is on- or off-network, the type of device that content will be delivered to, the content file type, network conditions, and geographic location. Specific features and attributes of the CDN Service Selector include:

  • CDN Cache Selector, which is the central logic and rules engine
  • Location Service, which maps and correlates client IP addresses with geographic data
  • Operational Data Cache, which provides central storage of services state and operational data
  • Topology Cache, which stores system topology and configuration data
  • Management services that deploy and monitor system virtual machine instances
  • User interface (with HTTP Group Encrypted Transport [GET], domain name system [DNS], web service support) for system configuration and monitoring

Open CDN Federation Initiative

Cisco has worked with leading service providers to plan, test, and deploy a pilot.

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