Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite Origin Server

Video Media Origination Services

Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite Origin Server (VDS-OS) is a cloud-based solution software platform that can enables HTTP media origination as a service. VDS-OS provides a unified media ingest, preparation, optimization and delivery framework for Llive, VODvideo-on-demand, and time- shifted TV use cases.

Features and Capabilities

HTTP content delivery, particularly HTTP adaptive streaming, removes many technical and operational barriers encountered by other media streaming methods. HTTP adaptive streaming can provide a quality viewing experience under a variety of network conditions. But managing HTTP adaptive streaming process flows has also increased video processing infrastructure complexity.

Cisco VDS-OS empowers operators to harness cloud technology to manage incoming content streams. This singular solution can now allow them to simplify media process flows. The VDS-OS management and services framework can enable rapid service creation and deployment upon the cloud computing infrastructure in a simplified, robust, flexible, and scalable manner.

Unique advantages of VDS-OS include:

  • Delivery of a virtualized solution for multiple live and on-demand HTTP adaptive streaming formats, as well as HTTP progressive downloaded content
  • Simplification and consolidation of HTTP adaptive streaming operations and management
  • Library storage optimization of a single common stored format to the HTTP adaptive streaming format required by the consuming device
  • Cost-effective distribution into content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Acceleration of service creation using the VDS-OS's flexible Origin Services construct for provisioning and management, abstracting away underlying compute infrastructure details
  • Interoperability with Cisco cloud and CDN components
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