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Cisco Videoscape Catalog Management

Synchronize Content Discovery Across Screens

Offer synchronized and personalized content discovery across all sources and screens with Cisco Videoscape Catalog Management. This platform integrates metadata across all TV services: linear, video on demand (VoD), digital video recorder (DVR), and more. It also provides consistent search and discovery from any subscriber device.

Features and Capabilities

You're offering more content and services than ever before, across multiple screens and devices. You may even be considering new related content, such as behind-the-scenes videos, music, and e-books. Your customers need a way to find exactly what they want among all that diversity.

Cisco Videoscape Catalog Management creates a unified operational plane to manage all content metadata and channel maps from a single interface. It also provides an open platform to support integration with third-party recommendation engines and other advanced catalog services.

Cisco Videoscape Catalog Management provides:

  • Integrated search and metadata across all content types
  • Consistent search and discovery interface across all devices: TVs, PCs, and mobile devices
  • Dynamic, customizable content recommendations
  • Personalized wish lists
  • Customizable promotions for VoD content

This solution offers unified catalog management, so you can manage the VoD catalog, linear channel maps, and service discovery information from a single interface. You also get:

  • Open back-office APIs to integrate with third-party metadata providers, recommendation engines, app stores, and more
  • Open client-facing APIs to integrate with almost any type of subscriber device
  • Integrated personalization features based on industry-leading open-source frameworks

With these capabilities, you can:

  • Increase subscriber loyalty with consistent, intuitive, and personalized content discovery
  • Differentiate from competitors by integrating popular web-and cloud-based content and services
  • Improve operational efficiency by using a single interface to manage all content
  • Increase revenue by making it easier for subscribers to find relevant content and products
  • Increase business agility with open and extensible catalog services

Cisco Videoscape Catalog Management is part of the Cisco Videoscape Control Suite, a complete control-plane framework for today's heterogeneous, cloud-connected environments. Cisco Videoscape Control Suite transforms the service provider control plane from a rigid, monolithic system to a more scalable and flexible data center model.

With this suite, you can provision the full range of modern video services as virtualized services that can be deployed quickly and economically, including:

  • Endpoint management
  • Identity
  • Advertising
  • Security

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