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Cisco Videoscape Audience Measurement

Know Your Subscribers to Grow Your Business

Gain critical business intelligence about how your pay-TV subscribers interact with their set-top boxes. Cisco Videoscape Audience Measurement helps you better understand how subscribers like to experience TV, so you can:

  • Send content and service promotions that match subscriber profiles
  • Add marketing value to your platform

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Videoscape Audience Measurement collects second-by-second data from hundreds of thousands of active set-top boxes (STBs) daily. By using multiple data-processing applications, your platform can generate detailed reports that reveal how your subscribers:

  • View linear TV and time-shifted content (DVR and video on demand)
  • Navigate their electronic program guide
  • Use interactive applications

Operate More Efficiently

With highly granular data about your subscribers' activities, you can start running a more efficient business. For example, you can:

  • Include time-shifted viewing as part of the TV ratings for your platform
  • Gauge how subscribers respond to new services that you introduce
  • Manage your channel inventory and available bandwidth
  • Help ensure that advertisements are delivered and measured correctly, even on niche channels

Add Value to Your Platform

The knowledge that you gain with Cisco Videoscape Audience Measurement also brings new revenue opportunities to your platform. You can:

  • Upsell to existing subscribers and identify those who might cancel their service
  • Negotiate channel costs and placement based on real viewing numbers
  • Create commercial agreements with advertisers by using market segmentation
  • Introduce addressable advertising that requires STB-level measurement
  • Capture data for an independent advertising measurement authority

Contact Cisco

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  • US/CAN | 5am-5pm PT