Cisco Videoscape AnyRes Packager

Efficiently Expand Live Video Streaming

Reduce operational costs and improve resiliency in your large-scale, live-video streaming environment with Cisco Videoscape AnyRes Packager. This solution packages a high volume of linear video streams into multiple protected adaptive bit rate (ABR) formats for distribution. It also separates encoding and encapsulation functions, simplifying your environment.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Videoscape AnyRes Packager provides industry-leading scale¬ótwice that of other vendor product in the market today. This scale is achieved by treating encapsulation as a pool of resources shared across multiple encoders. With this pooled resource capability, you can add capacity when demand grows by just adding another AnyRes Packager blade.

The new blade automatically provisions and configures itself, adding capacity to the pool of resources. This new capacity can be used when needed. No longer do you need to have encapsulation tied to a specific encoder. With the AnyRes Packager, all resources in the pool are available to whichever encoder needs them.

Cisco Videoscape AnyRes Packager provides:

  • Consolidated workflow, with best-in-class encapsulation density
  • High availability, with comprehensive redundancy, failover, and load distribution across multiple packagers
  • Extensibility, with the ability to integrate with and scale your existing ABR deployment
  • Broad feature set, with support for all the latest ABR streaming formats and multiple transcoder inputs
  • Content security, with digital rights management protection for content, entitlement, and encryption

You also get platform flexibility. This solution provides live ABR encapsulation through a 64-bit Linux platform on a Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server, blade, or through virtualization. Take advantage of real-time monetization opportunities with the ability to expand service tiers and insert ads on multiple screens

By using these capabilities, you can:

  • Reduce operational costs by making it easier to encapsulate and distribute live video content in high-volume environments
  • Differentiate your service by easily delivering live video to multiple screens, at enterprise scale
  • Improve subscriber loyalty by providing a resilient, broadcast-quality video experience on more screens and devices
  • Increase revenue by expanding service, adding value to higher service tiers, and inserting advertisements on more screens
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